Top 3 Dog Breeds for Kids

What are the best dogs for kids? Which is the best dog for a family? When adding a new puppy to your family it becomes much difficult to decide which breed best suits you.

First thing First

Before going deep into the topic, here are few things that should be kept in mind when choosing a puppy.

Temperament — This decides what actually is the personality of the dog. You should look for a temperament that is agreeable to you and most importantly, your kids.

Size- Only size doesn’t determine whether this dog suits your family or not. Size should be checked along with temperament. However, an important thing should be considered, that is, if your kids are small then you should look for a small-sized dog breed since a large dog may knock the children down.

Care Requirements — Care actually is made of two things. Firslty,It means that how much care the puppy needs and secondly, how much care you can provide to the puppy. This is the most significant thing that should be kept in mind while choosing a dog. If the dog requires a lot of care and your family doesn’t able to provide that then you should avoid keeping that dog. Care varies from family to family therefore, you should choose your puppy according to your family requirements.

There are some other factors that should also be considered like what is the energy level of the dog? or Is this dog safe for your family or not? But most important are described above. Therefore, when choosing a puppy you should have crystal clarity about the puppy’s requirements of your kids and family.

Below are three dogs breeds that tend to make the best dogs for kids and families.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - The dogs of this breed are smart, kind, and loyal. Golden Retriever is patient enough which makes it the best for kids. The other trait which makes it the best for kids is that it is affectionate and obedient which helps the kids to fall in love instantly.

Though this breed suits best for kids, however, this breed does need a lot of exercises. Moreover, Golden also loves to play games, and retrieving games like frisbee are favorites.

This breed also requires proper care with twice-weekly brushing.

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever- This breed is one of the popular dog breeds when talking about family dogs. The Labs are playful, loving, and most importantly highly intelligent. They learn different things without any difficulty. However, like Golden Retriever labrador retrievers also require a lot of exercises that could be a challenge for the family having this puppy.

Labs require a spacious environment so they could easily run and play. They get along well with other animals, pretty much everyone they meet. Moreover, Despite the different colors of labs, they have the same stamina, strength, and obedience which is also one of the reasons for their popularity.

They need weekly combing to keep them healthy and clean.

Beagle Running

Beagle — This breed is also one of the best dog breed with respect to kids. These are small-sized dogs with calm temperaments and sweet and gentle nature which makes them best for kids. Because of their small size, they make an appropriate match for those families who have small kids. These dogs are also very cute by their look.

The best trait of beagles is that they never get tired of playing games. Moreover, if your kids love to play outside games, having a dog of this breed should be your choice.

They have a friendly nature, therefore, they usually get along well with other pets. Moreover, they also require frequent bathing and brushing for their better health.

Take Away

Now, you would be very clear about what things you should look at when choosing a puppy. I hope that by following the suggestions given above combined with your requirements, you would be able to add the right partner to your family that would bring pleasure and happiness to your and your kids' life.

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